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Successfully lobbied for a FY 2022  line itemized budget instead of a lump sum budget for more transparency and accountability in government spending as outlined in Act No. 8474.  Also, the only freshman non-member of the Finance Committee that was included by invitation to be a part of the FY 2022 budget mark-up process.


Working to meet the critical needs of our senior population. Sponsor of legislation to put laws within the Virgin Islands Code to protect seniors from abuse and ensure quality care at facilities in the territory.  The push and work will continue!


In 2020, I campaigned to work with all stakeholders to fix the fiscal leaks at the Government Employees Retirement System and stated my commitment to work with all stakeholders to repair the pension system.  The pension system has been repaired and strengthened with the funding and investments to ensure its longevity as outlined in Act No. 8540.


Pursuing checks and balances in Hotel Industry to validate revenues received from Hotel Occupancy Tax.  Supporting efforts to build out Sports Tourism and Adventure Sports as viable areas of expansion for the Tourism Product in the Territory.  The push and work will continue!


Sponsor of  Bill No.34-0242 legislation to break down barriers of disparity in Housing to provide equal access to rental properties through the Housing Choice program, through which over $6 Million has been allocated to subsidized rental costs for low to moderate-income families.  The push and work will continue!


Keeping young people engaged, inspired, and encouraged as a deterrent to crime. Secured funding in the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget for the Boys and Girls Club and Little League Clubs as stated in Act 8474.  The push and work will continue!


Facilitated discussions for public-private partnerships, including finding a home for Marine Vocational Program (MVP) and working on establishing a new pilot Mentorship Program at the Bovoni Housing Community to serve as a pilot for other public housing communities in the Territory.  The push and work continue! 

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