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You are expected to report to the work site on time as scheduled. If you will be late for work, 
call in ahead of time and let your assigned Supervisor know what time you'll be at work.


You are expected to be at work everyday you are scheduled to work. You are allowed one (1) hour for lunch and one (1) 15 minutes break in the morning as well as one (1) 15 minutes break in the afternoon. You are expected to be prepared to work everyday.

Dress Code:
Based on your job the dress code may vary. These will be stated in the orientation.

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All types of verbal/physical abuse is prohibited on the work site. Violators will be suspended 
for one day without pay.
* Drug/Alcohol use and distribution is also prohibited. Anyone suspected of         Drug/Alcohol use will be tested and terminated if tested positive.
* Guns/Weapons are not allowed on the job site. Violators will be terminated       immediately.
* Keep cellular phones on vibrate. After two (2) written warnings you will be           suspended for a day without pay.
* Always alert your Supervisor before leaving the work site.  


* Always have a cooperative attitude.
* Speak respectfully.
* Ask questions when a directive is unclear.


To log a dispute or grievance you should:
1. Talk to your Supervisor,
2. When the Supervisor has not addressed the issue to your satisfaction contact the

Office of Senator Carla Joseph at (340) 693-3515
For example: If you are dissatisfied because you 
worked more hours than you were paid, ask the 
person that documented your time to explain it. 
In this instance, you would ask your Supervisor 

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You will be paid on an hourly basis and will receive your check bi-weekly. To be paid, you 
should punch or write in your time when you arrive and leave the job site. The Supervisor will collect all time sheets at the end of the work week. Time sheets will be submitted for payment on the following Monday.

Safety and Security:

While on the work site, your safety and security is very important to us. At all times you should:
* Wear your mask and sanitize your hands as frequently as possible and follow all work place       employee guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
* Always be aware and alert of your surroundings. 

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