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While young people gained practical on-the-job experience, another objective of the program was to enhance professional learning, and knowledge. In addition to job placement, young people participated in a 1-day professional development workshop.

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What Skill, Techniques or Knowledge did you gain from your Place of Employment or the YSEOP?

- Micayaela Hodge

Worked at Umbra Anesthesia

 “I learned how to create a professional resume and a budget”   

“I learned telephone communication skills and about the Bill process and the work that goes into helping our community unconditionally”

- Shania Nieves

Worked at VI Legislature - Office of Senator Carla J. Joseph

“I learned to be more sensitive and how to care for other people”

-Jamari Gumbs

Worked at Catholic Charities

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What was your favorite experience about you job or the YSEOP?

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“Favorite experience was learning about the different sectors and department at my job.”

-Aniqua Thomas

Worked VIYA was hired permanently through the YSEOP

"I enjoyed being a part of the program and going to work every day."

-Leondre’ Marshall

Worked at Lime Tree Pool Bar and Market/Hired permanently

“I like supporting the less fortunate and helping people in need”

-Kyrell Henry

Worked at Catholic Charities

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